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Car Battery is like your Heart. Even though your heart has warranty, you still go for routine checkup. Similarly Car Battery needs some routine maintenance check up despite its warranty. This will increase your battery life and avoid last minute car starting issues.

Why to do Battery Health Checkup ?

  • Will improve your Battery Efficiency.
  • Increase your Battery life.
  • Avoid your car starting troubles.
  • Know your Car Battery Present Condition.
  • Bad Condition battery will affect your fuel economy
  • The charging system or starter can be affected by a weak battery
  • What You will Get on a Battery Health Checkup?

    Professional and Experienced Technician will come to your place

  • Check the Voltage and AMPS at different stages, Check the water level/acid levels of the battery(top up if required).
  • If Battery Recharge is required, additional Rs 300 will be charged for getting the Battery Recharged.
  • The battery will be taken for recharge at our service center and will be provided back within 24 - 48 hrs.
  • If the battery needs to be replaced and replaced by us immediately the above charges will not be applicable

    Free Professional Installation Cash On Delivery, Best Prices.
    Free Shipping in 4 - 24 Hours*Not applicable for Bike Batteries .
    100% Genuine Batteries & Inverters We sell Authentic Branded Batteries and Inverters.